Sunday, December 16, 2012

DIY Reading Pillows

I know, I know. I really need to get to the "Baked" part of this blog. Soon enough. It is almost Christmas :)
But I had to get on this little project right away since it was requested by Tuesday. At my son's daycare, we have the option to let the kids give their class a gift for Christmas. On their wish list was new reading pillows for the floor. Being the awesome husband he is, my husband chose this for me, knowing I will take any excuse to sew something.

He was a little disappointed that I used Chevron fabric. I tried explaining that craft stores don't have kid friendly patterns in duck cloth or home decor fabric. I wanted something that would stand up to the tornado that is a toddler AND be cute. So it is what it is. Plus I LOVE chevrons, even if it's the oldest trend ever.

There's my little guy testing them out for me. Makes them even cuter in my humble opinion!

These are really easy to make. I just used this tutorial from Six Sisters' Stuff. When I say easy, I mean after I really messed up the first one, then got the hang of things. In full disclosure, I have the ability to mess up the simplest of projects. I was using a 20 x 20 size pillow insert but reading the directions for the 16 inchers they were making and got numbers crossed somewhere. Ended up with a 16 x 20 cover for my pillow. I went back to Hobby Lobby and traded the 20's for 18's so I could fix the pillowcase, but then ended up making friends with my seam ripper again when I forgot to sew it right side in. Just keeping it real. After that mess, the next two were a breeze :)


  1. LOVE them! And even though..yes...chevrons are on their way out...those are adorable!!!!!!

    And I love your model!