Friday, February 15, 2013

Wedding Shower Cake Balls

I tend to come up with big plans, end off biting more than I can chew and end up having to drop some of the ideas I had. I end up really disappointed and thinking I've let everyone down, but most of the time, no one notices or cares. Then I end up wondering why I thought my plans needed to be so complicated in the first place. I should probably stop rambling and back up.
At work, we decided to have a bridal shower for someone who has already been married for a few years. It's a long story, but she hadn't had one and we didn't want to let that happen. I decided I had to make these super cute bride and groom Oreo balls. Then, I remembered her love of red velvet cake and decided to make cake balls instead and decorate them like the oreo balls. I'm not a huge fan of red velvet myself, but I found that if you make a red velvet cake, dump a bunch of frosting in it and coat it in white chocolate, it tastes pretty amazing.

Looks pretty amazing too, right? And I haven't quite made it to the learning to take good pictures part of blogging so please don't mind the flash here. It doesn't help that I'm also super pale.

The recipe for the cake balls was pretty easy and really delicious. Especially the frosting. It was absolute perfection, I mean, look at it!

The only thing I did differently in the assembly, mostly because I'm lazy, is just dump the cake in right on top of the frosting after I mixed it up. I do enjoy a moister (is that a word?) cake ball so I wasn't worried about leaving all that frosting in there. If frosting is not your thing (what is wrong with you?!) you may want to remove some first and gradually add it back in as needed.

See? Beautiful! Rolling these babies up is the worst part because I'm so impatient. The balls I rolled got progressively bigger as I went on. Luckily, no one minds when it comes down to it. 

By the time I got this far, it was 12:20am. As I mentioned, I bite off more than I can chew and was also working on this Valentine's Day cake that same night. I emailed my team and told them I was giving up for the night, certain that they would be disappointed that they would not get to eat the brides and grooms I had promised them. They probably think I'm crazy. But as long as I keep providing the goods, who's going to say anything?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Putting off Procrastination: Valentine's Day is Done!

This is so completely unlike me. It's February 10th and I'm mostly done with the Valentine's Day treats for my son's daycare. I think I'm more proud of that fact than I am of the almost finished product :)

I saw something similar on Pinterest. Unfortunately, there was no link - only a picture (don't you hate when that happens?) so I don't know who to credit for the idea.

Hi-C didn't seem toddler appropriate so I replaced it with cereal. I also couldn't tell what the arms were made of, so I just used fruit snacks. I'm sure the kids won't mind at all. And I needed to place the spoon in such a way to keep the little guy upright on his own, so on most of these, the spoon was placed on the back, like so:

So the reason I call these "mostly" finished is that I'm not sure about the labels. They turned out really fuzzy (my fault, not the source's). I found some free printables here.  The saying is so cute "I Cerealsly want you to be my Valentine". I'm just not sure if it's worth the effort to put them on for kids who won't care and can't read. I probably will though. I'm also still debating whether or not these guys need eyes. I need to make everything I do more difficult, so I'll probably end up doing that too :)

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!